That brings us to the next important part of finding a partner online: the profile itself.  The profile is the self-marketing tool of any dating site user. Initially, your profile is your only chance to share more about yourself than can be seen in your pictures.  

Important to know: Not everyone reads the entire profile. For this reason: Write the most important information right at the beginning of your profile. Usually, there are designated spaces that users can fill with their most fascinating intellectual outpourings. And it’s precisely these text fields that are the key to any profile. Because anyone can answer questions, click yes/no or select from pre-written answers. But very few people can impress others with freely selectable, self-created text.

Creativity, humor and charm are the winners here. A summary of the information already listed on your profile comes off as dull. Quotes, poems and slogans are also boring. A humorful (without making a clown of yourself) and eye-catching approach has the best chances of success. Or addressing the reader directly. Special hobbies, extraordinary experiences and life goals are all great for filling these spaces.

Profile Do’s:

  • Honesty paired with humor
  • Using the text fields to share more about yourself  
  • Creativity
  • Charm
  • Anything out of the ordinary

Profile Don’ts:

  • Lying
  • Bragging
  • Incompletion
  • Leaving text fields blank
  • Being whiny