About CA.DatingAdvisor.net

Our Mission

We at DatingAdvisor view ourselves as independent and objective market researchers in the field of singles sites, matchmaking sites and dating apps and test the provider on their reputation, the costs and among other things, the probability of success. This way, we hope to provide our users in Canada with a consistently up to date overview of which sites are best suited for their individual needs. For this purpose, we have made comparisons, which make it possible to compare two sites in detail.
In addition to a market overview, we would also like to provide our readers with practical tips on how to increase their personal chances for success in online dating. These tips are based on our own experiences, but also on the multitude of comments from our users.

Focus points

Rating of dating sites

One of the main focus points of our work is the regular assessment of success chances. We are constantly testing new sites and put them through comprehensive tests with different user profiles. Only when the results are concrete, will a test report be generated.

Tips for online dating

Especially, since online dating is initially done anonymously, there are many traps, in which newbies regularly step. With the help of many years of experience, we want to give our users tips on how to get to dating sites and apps the quickest and avoid disappointment.

Studies and background information

In order to better understand regional and international trends, we regularly conduct market studies. To this end, we usually focus on a main theme, such as mobile dating.

In Numbers


Our Team

The Editorial Team

The team consists of permanent and freelance editors and journalists who have a passion for the Internet and online dating. Many of the editors have a professional past in online dating and are well-versed in the industry. They know very well which way the wind blows and what to look out for. We are proud of our team and look forward to working with them each and every day. But the most important thing for us is the multitude of people who tell us about their experiences with online dating. The good as well as the bad.

The Initiators

Artur: Is in correspondence with the dating providers to discover changes and innovations on time.
Philipp: Takes care of internal operations and organization.
Florian: Ensures that the website works well and takes care of servers and technology.

Whenever I’m asked which dating site is the best, I always reply that there is no such thing. It depends on your individual goals. Flirt, love, adventure, age, region, etc.

Head of the editorial team

Ratings and Commissions

It’s always been the goal and motivation to provide a free overview to those interested in online dating. DatingAdvisor publishes all reports and experiences completely free of charge.

However, we don’t want to hide the fact, that we get commissions from some online dating sites. These, however, have no influence over the evaluation. We also try to negotiate identical commissions with providers. So that it’s irrelevant to us, who the test winner is. The commissions help to ensure the operation of the website, but above all, provides payment for the editors and journalists.

However, we generally only recommend dating sites, which users can first try out free of charge, in order to find out whether the dating site suits one’s own goals. Dating Advisor only views itself as an advisor, who points at an initial direction and warns of possible pitfalls. However, we will only receive a commission when a user feels comfortable on a site and decides to pay for it. Therefore, we evaluate the dating sites specifically for different target groups and also provide regional recommendations – depending on how many users a dating provider has in a city or region. Because only if the user is satisfied, will he stay with a dating site for any amount of time and connect with people.