In the age of Tesla and other high-tech car companies, self-driving cars won’t be science fiction much longer. “Drivers” suddenly have an exciting new range of options how to spend their time driving in a private atmosphere.

For this reason, the comparison and information portal DatingAdvisor teamed up with the major international causal dating community to interview a total of 12,821 women and men on the subject sex on wheels and autonomous driving.

The specific question was:

What activities could you imagine doing in a self-driving car to take advantage of the time gained?

The results were as follows:

  • 70% of women and 72% of men are interested in giving sex in a self-driving car a try
  • 19% of women and 20% of men would prefer to look at the countryside, doze or listen to music  
  • 18% of women and 17% of men would prefer to focus on the traffic
  • 11% of women and 9% of men would like to chat, play games and talk on the phone
  • 8% of women and 6% of men would like to watch movies in a relaxed atmosphere and read

Multiple responses were possible.

Prospects for the future are certainly sexy! But the fantasy of having sex in the car isn’t new, of course. Even today – within the scope of existing possibilities – the car is a popular retreat for the occasional quickie.  

The survey also revealed the following findings:

  • Nearly 1 in 4 passengers have pleasured a driver during a car ride  
  • 6% of drivers have taken care of a passenger’s needs down below
  • 8% of respondents have had sex on the back seat during a trip  
  • 12% of women and 11% of men have masturbated in the car
  • 6% of respondents have had sex on public transport  
  • Around 2/3 of respondents have had sex in a parked car

Further details, including additional findings and assessments, can be found here.

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