In the age of Tesla and other high-tech car companies, self-driving cars are no longer science fiction. “Drivers” suddenly have a whole new range of options how to spend their time driving in a private atmosphere.

Reason enough for us to think about the newly gained time in the car. Together with the large casual dating community, DatingAdvisor interviewed a total of 12,821 women and men about the subject “sex on wheels”.

The specific question was:

What activities could you imagine doing in a self-driving car to take advantage of the time gained?

Around 70% of Respondents Could Imagine Having Sex in a Self-Driving Car

Some would like to enjoy the countryside, doze, read or relax and watch a movie. Sure, these are all possible options... But according to the survey, the majority of respondents are particularly fond of the idea of having sex during the ride. 70% of women and 72% of men want to give having sex while driving a try.

Prospects for the future are certainly sexy! But the fantasy of having sex in the car isn’t new, of course. Even today – within the scope of existing possibilities – the car is a popular retreat for the occasional quickie.  

We therefore took the opportunity to ask who’s already had sex during a car trip (recently or in the past) without a robot car for aid.

Passenger Pleasures the Driver

Oh dear! Nearly 1 in 4 respondents have been pleasured by a passenger while they were driving. While we’re happy to imagine how things might have played out, we’re also relieved that nothing happened. It’s certainly not without risk!  

Driver Pleasures the Passenger 

On the flip side, 6% of drivers have taken care of a passenger’s needs down below before.

Getting Wild on the Back Seat

Around 8% of respondents admitted that they’ve had sex on the back seat during a car ride. The driver / chauffeur probably looked in the rear mirror for the purpose of “traffic safety” more than once.

Men / Women Opt for Self-Service

Slightly more women than men, 12% vs. 11%, have also given touching themselves while driving a try. Too bad that no suitable passenger was present.

Sex on the Bus & Train

The “public” in “public transport” is apparently not a deterrent to some respondents. About 7% said that they’ve had sex on the bus or train before.

2/3 of Respondents Have Had Sex in a Parked Car

Numerous surveys have shown that cars tend to be one of the most popular “places” for a quickie. Our survey confirms this, as well: 66% of men and 62% of women think sex in a parked car is great. However, about 1 in 5 respondents said that having sex in the car hadn’t been a good experience for them. We don’t know why exactly (perhaps back pain was the problem?), but they’re not eager to repeat it.