Everyone dreams of a good, harmonious relationship at some point in life. But finding Mr. or Mrs. Right is often easier said than done. Luckily, there’s another way to find an ideal partner besides the supermarkets, bars and parties that comprise real life: online dating.

The first step is choosing the right dating site. Or, for those who want to take a more mobile approach to finding a partner, a suitable dating app. The selection here is substantial considering the large variety of flirting apps and online dating sites the Internet has to offer.

The first visible difference between the many sites and apps is probably whether you have to pay to fully take advantage of the offers or not. But it quickly becomes clear that there are very few truly free dating sites. Especially men looking for love are asked to open up their pocketbooks almost everywhere. In contrast, women usually have it a bit “easier”. Several services are fully accessible to women free of charge. Whether a site or app is free, however, shouldn’t be the most important deciding factor. Ultimately, it’s about getting to know someone who’s a good match in the shortest possible time. The more important measure when evaluating dating sites (or apps) has to do with the service’s chances of success.

Here you can see our lineup of the best dating sites and apps for Canada.